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Small Engine Compression Tester MY-CT09

  • Small Engine Compression Tester is specially designed for a small engine. It contains Dual dial, Metric, and American, chrome gauge.
  • What’s more,  this compression tester for small engine features a universal quick connect to easily reach obstructed plug ports on vehicles, boats, and motorcycles.
  • Diagnose worn piston rings, burnt valves, and bad head gaskets quickly and easily.
  • The small engine compression tester comes with a blow mold case for easy organization and storage.
  • A quality compression tester for mechanics and machinists to get a quick and simple diagnosis.
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Model:Small Engine Compression TesterItem NO.:MY-CT09
Material:Iron, CopperColor:Black
MOQ:500 setsPacking:1 set in a carry case,10 sets in a carton

Specific of The Small Engine Compression Tester

1. A comprehensive kit of adaptors and fittings for modern Schrader test-port fuel injection systems.

2. Components fitted with quick coupling system and safety valve to prevent inadvertent discharge of fuel under pressure.

3. High pressure, dual scale gauge reading 0-100psi and 0-7bar with hanging hook and protective bumper.

4. Pressure release valve with drain hose for safe fuel recovery.

As you can see, getting the best small engine compression tester is one of the smartest things you can do for cars and garages. Anyone can do this, and if you have to bring it into the store, reading itself may cost more than this kit. Grab the best you can afford and start a diagnosis in your garage. It’s hard to regret knowing exactly what happened to your vehicle.


Small engine compression tester specialty has a pressure release valve with drain hose for safe fuel recovery.

How to Check Small Engine Compression?

step 1
If there is a screwdriver on the small engine, unscrew and remove the cylinder head to access the spark plug.

Step 2
Slide the flat blade tip of the screwdriver under the edge of the rubber sleeve. Gently swing the rubber sleeve on the spark plug.

Step 3
Place the socket wrench on the spark plug. Use a wrench to loosen the spark plug and pull it out of the engine. Set the choke to the off or closed position.

Step 4
Practice three to four times on the starter rope to remove any fuel remaining in the cylinder or crankcase.

Step 5
Insert the hose of the compression meter into the empty spark plug hole. Pull the starter rope 10 to 15 times or until the compressor needle reaches its maximum level. Compression should reach at least 90 PSI if it is hot and at least 100 PSI if it is cold.

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