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Radiator Leak Tester 12pcs Head Gasket Tool Kit MY-RPT21

Radiator Leak TesterMY-RPT21 Universal Pressure Head Gasket Water Tank Tool Kit

  • 【Functionality】- A cooling system radiator leak tester kit designed for testing vehicle water tank leak.
  • 【Ideal Tool Kit】- Simple to operate tool lit. Hence ideal for every car enthusiast and mechanics.
  • 【High-Quality】- A detailed manual high-quality special design vacuum purge and refill tool kit.
  • 【Quick & Efficient】- Immediately diagnose if pressure is too low using the pump and gauge. So, a quick and efficient tool.
  • 【100% Satisfaction】- A user-friendly and good quality tool kit. Thus provide 100% satisfaction.
  • 【Universal】- Special design to fit all major brands car brands from Europe, Japan, and the US. So, a universal tool.
  • 【Easy to Operate】- Test leakage in radiator system easily and quickly a change of coolant.
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Radiator Leak Tester 12pcs Kit MY-RPT21

1.Pressure testing pump with gauge.

  • Radiator Leak Tester kit suitable for most kinds of vehicles.
  • The tool kit is suitable for all major car brands from Japan, Europe, and the US.
  • Easily detect leakage in the radiator.
  • A must-have tool for all mechanics.

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