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Pressure Brake Bleeder Kit Oil and Fluid Extractor MY-BOS12

Pressure Brake Bleeder Kit MY-BOS12 Garage, Mechanics, and Workshop Brake Oil and Fluid Extractor

  • 【Quick & Efficient】- Quick clean and efficient operation without specialized brake reservoir caps.
  • 【Time & Labor Savor】- One-man operation hence save the time and labor
  • 【DIY Operation】- Easily flush and refill the entire brake system by yourself.
  • 【High-Quality】- High-quality material. so, pressure brake bleeder kit is rugged and durable.
  • 【Highly Flexible & Transparent Hose】- Comes with a highly flexible and transparent hose so it is easy for you to inspect the extraction process.
  • 【Adjustable Pressure】- You can adjust the pressure according to your needs as the kit comes with working pressure gauge.
  • 【Enviormental Friendly】- Works cleanly without any dirt oil or stains on the floor.
  • 【Suitability】- Works on every cars, trucks, motorbike, and engineering vehicle.
  • 【Professionally designed】- Professionally designed for 1 person, used single-handedly and effortlessly bleed the hydraulic system.
  • 【High-Performance】- It can complete several oil changing operations at one time because it has an auto tool kit and its own gas storage device.
  • 【Handfree Operation】- Comes with clutch separator with and a locking trigger. So, it can do a handsfree operation.
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“Air operated (Pneumatic – non-spark) 2-liter capacity
Ease of use – by using vacuum via the bleed nipple there is no requirement for expensive multiple pressure caps. The manual trigger has a locking mechanism to allow hands-free use”
Automatic cut off
Working pressure: 40-170psi (2.8-12 Bar)
Includes Automatic (hands-free) reservoir top up bottle. 1m silicon hose with universal rubber adaptor.”

  • There is a flexible rubber joint for fluid extractions on this pressure brake bleeder kit.
  • Widely used for auto vehicle hydraulic system and large vehicle hydraulic clutch.
  • With 4 different fluid bottles adapters to fit the main cylinder.

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