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Oil Filter Band Wrench Set Car Auto Strap Wrench MY-WR224

Oil Filter Band Wrench Set MY-WR224 Car Auto Strap Wrench Belt Cap Tool Set

  • 【High-quality】- High-quality stainless steel metal band oil filter wrench spanner set.
  • 【Simple Design】- Simple design hence it is easy to use.
  • 【Comfortable Handle】- Comfortable and easy to grip handle.
  • 【Power and Support】- Comfortable grip handle provides power and support.
  • 【Adjustable】- Adjustable oil filter wrench and adjustable band hence it is convenient.
  • 【Muti-Use】- Comes with multiuse handle strap.
  • 【Durable】- High-performance stainless steel metal band. So, it is durable.
  • 【Easy-Fit】- Easily fit into tight spaces thus a great tool for getting into close spaces.
  • 【Economic】- Available in a fair and economical price.
  • 【Best Tool】- Best tool for kitchen and garage as it can easily open and close bottles and jars, plumbing fixtures, oil, filters, garden hose connectors.
  • 【Why Buy】- Makes your daily mechanical task easily. So, a must-buy tool!
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Oil Filter Band Wrench Set MY-WR224

  • Size range 2-3/8 Inch to 4-3/8 Inch (60.3 mm to 111.1 mm).
  • Swivel hand with stainless steel bands.
  • Bands removed and installed with the use of two detent pins.
  • Oil Filter Band Wrench Set MY-WR224 is ideal for oil filters, plumbing fixture, and many tasks in your home and garage.
  • Adjustable oil filter with an adjustable band.
  • Can open any cylindrical object easily.

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