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Compression Tester Cylinder Leakage Leak Tester MY-CT16

Compression Tester MY-CT16 Cylinder Leakage Leak Tester Gauges Engine Pressure Tester Tool

  • 【High-Quality】- Made of high-quality material, hence long-lasting and rust protected.
  • 【Professional】- Quickly set so that you can get an accurate reading in valves, piston rings, cylindrical bores or head gasket.
  • 【High Performance】- Double graduation and rubber protection to prevent scratches and practical cylindrical compression tester for petrol engines.
  • 【Function】- Detect the exact leakage amount and leak area. So, a professional tool.
  • 【Best Tool】- Best tool for comparing a suspect cylinder with a good one cylinder. Hence a must-have tool.
  • 【Universal】- Use on all type of foreign and domestic engine to check valve, piston rings, and more. So, a universal tool.
  • 【Simple】- To check the pressure, simply thread the spark plug adapter into the engine spark plug. Thus an easy and simple tool.
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Model:Compression TesterItem NO.:MY-CT16
Material:ABS, Copper, Rubber, IronColor:Red
MOQ:60 setsPacking:1 set in a case, 6 sets in a packing carton



L= 102mm, M10 x 1
L= 113mm, M10 x 1
L= 118mm, M22 x 1.5
L= 119mm, M10 x 1
L= 135mm, M10 x 1.25
Dial gauge L= 340mm, range from 0-1000psi (0 – 70 bar)
Screw adaptor L=160mm
Injector adaptors:
L=63mm, M24 x 2
L=73mm, M22 x 1.5
L=75mm, M20 x 1.5
L=88mm, M24 x 1.5
H fitting
Bleed valve

  • Compression tester suitable for testing cars and light commercial vehicles with direct or indirect injection.
  • Pressure relief valve allows repeated on-vehicle tests.
  • Include 90° coupling adaptor for limited access applications.

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