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Engine Tools

Diagnosing what’s wrong with an engine can be the most difficult part of the job. We have a wide range of equipment to help you determine the health of your engine, including vacuum gauges and compression testers, oil pressure gauges, cooling system pressure testers, fuel pressure gauges, and complete fuel injection testers, and even stethoscopes to help locate the source of noises. Armed with data from these tools you can make informed repair decisions.

It’s when you get inside an engine that you find you need the most special tools, and with our selection, you’ll be well equipped. From hoist slings to ease engine extraction to bore gauges and micrometers to check dimensions and clearances, we have the engine overhaul gear. Old pistons come out easier when you use a ridge reamer, and you can impart a new cylinder finish for optimal ring seal with a hone. Clean up ring grooves with a ring groove cleaner and safely install new rings with a ring installer. Our cam bearing installers, piston ring compressors, and valve spring compressors will all make your rebuild go smoothly.