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Brake Caliper Tool

The brake pads will not last forever. Each time the pads in the disc brake system come into contact with the rotating rotor, they wear a little. Gradually, these brake components become thinner and thinner. To compensate for this, the piston in the caliper is exposed from the hollow cylinder and it is located inside the caliper. When it does so, it pushes the worn brake pad further inward toward the rotor. Ultimately, the brake pads need to be replaced with new, unworn pads. This is where the special brake caliper tool comes in.

The function of the brake caliper tool is to retract the piston or piston into the caliper so that the brake pads can be easily removed and replaced. The piston cannot simply be pushed back into the caliper because it has threads that, like screws, need to be re-entered. Although you can use a pair of pliers to do this, it is not recommended. You may also damage the pistons, calipers and hands. The caliper tool is typically mounted on the piston at one end. Besides, it has a handle that allows it to rotate at the opposite end. As it rotates, the piston is rolled back into the caliper.