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Camshaft Sprocket Puller MY-PB226

  • 5 pcs set
  • suit for VW and Audi engines.
  • Includes both 17mm and 23mm spaced double claws
  • 15.8 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches
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Camshaft Sprocket Puller MY-PB226

1 x 23mm wide spokes for an odd number of spokes. 1 x 17mm narrow for spokes. 2 x universal tool for even number of spokes. 1 x Hex head 17mm with ball end for reducing damage to the sprocket.

•Enables the camshaft sprocket removal on a wide range of vehicles. Supplied with two lengths of arms for universal application.

a. Select the arms required and hold the sprocket in place.
b. Undo the retaining bolt or nut and remove.
c. Slacken off the three bolts that hold the adjustable legs,(make sure the center bolts is would back far enough not to interfere with the camshaft center).
d. Fit the slots in the legs around the center web holes in the sprocket.
e. Tighten the leg holding bolts into position.
f. Now tighten the center bolt in the puller up against camshaft drawing off the camshaft sprocket.

  • This camshaft sprocket puller is the 3rd essential tool required when replacing the timing belt in the Audi V-6 and V-8 engines.

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