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Brake Bleeder Kit Pneumatic Air Pressure MY-BOS34

Brake Bleeder Kit Pneumatic Air Pressure MY-BOS34 Workshop Mechanic Tool Set 

  • 【Portable】- Easily portable Kit with Pneumatic air pressure system, refill the fluid oil of brake & clutch.
  • 【Suitable】-This tool kit is suitable for bleeding brake and clutch system with an ABS system.
  • 【One-Man Operation】- The Brake Bleeder Kit makes possible one-man operation in your own garage and also suitable for the professional workshop.
  • 【Professional Performance】- The Kit has its own storage device and is driven by the compressed air. So, it can handle several oil changing tasks at one time.
  • 【Standard Workshop Air Supply】- This tool kit uses the standard workshop air supply to work efficiently and flush and refill the brake system on most vehicles.
  • 【High-quality】- Made of high-quality material. You can use this kit for a long time because of its premium material.
  • 【Time & Labor Saving】- You can use the product easily hence the kit saves time and labor.
  • 【Adjustable Pressure】- Adjust the pressure according to your needs as the tool equipped with pressure gauge.
  • 【Enviorment Friendly】- No need to discharge air, safety, and environmental protection
  • 【Low Pressure tanks】- Equipped with low-pressure tanks that can easily pre-charge with compressed air.
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Model:Brake Bleeder KitItem NO.:MY-BOS34
Material:PVC, Iron, Steel, PEColor:Blue,
MOQ:100 setsPacking:1 set in a carton

This brake bleeder kit is suitable for bleeding brake and clutch stems for vehicles with an ABS system . you’ ll be able to perform a one-man operation possible in your own garage, and it is suitable r a professional workshop

The bleeder uses standard workshop air supply ( 10-40 psi ) to efficiently flush and refills the brake system on most vehicles.

The low-pressure tank can be pre-charged with compressed air making the unit fully portable. This brake bleeder kit is a great time saver, especially if you service brakes on a regular basis.

Contains a wide range of European, Japanese and US vehicle adaptors includes 1 adaptor kit, 1 bleeder tank with a pressure gauge, 1 collection bottle, and 1 fluid hose with a quick connector.

  • The brake bleeder kit suitable for bleeding brake and clutch stems for vehicles with an ABS system.
  • It is suitable for oil changing of automobile hydraulic brake and large vehicle hydraulic clutch.
  • The kit has a full oil pot connector with that can do a wide range of operations

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