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What Is The Role of Gearbox Oil?

Although the car is a means of transportation, it is also an indispensable necessity in our life travel. Just like a mobile phone, we not only use but also protect it.

What Is The Role of Gearbox Oil?

There are a lot of high-precision gears inside the gearbox that work, and the entire internal system works because of the friction of the components. The transmission oil at this point acts as a lubricant and heat sink. In addition, the automatic transmission can also flexibly transmit power between the engine flywheel and the transmission gear through a torque converter, and the liquid inside the torque converter is the transmission oil. Therefore, another function of the transmission oil is to transmit power.

Nowadays, automatic transmission basically shifts the valve body through the computer. The ECU collects the signal of the sensor and analyzes it, and the valve body acts as the actuator. The power to push the valve body is derived from the pressure of the transmission oil. Therefore, the transmission oil also acts as a pusher for the valve body. A basic function of the transmission oil is to keep the gearshift system clean and thus extend the life of the gearbox.

Why Replace The Transmission Oil?

The automatic transmission is an important part of the automotive transmission system. In the event of problems, the repair costs are extremely expensive.

  • The viscosity of the transmission oil will become thinner.
  • The lubrication performance will decrease
  • The sealing performance will decrease.
  • The resistance will increase.

What’s more,the wear will increase. It is resulting in lots of problems.

  • Unstable pressure
  • Affecting the working accuracy of the hydraulic system
  • Reducing the control accuracy of the transmission
  • Cutting down the shifting accuracy
  • Reducing smoothing.

Sex and response speed will be affected. After the deterioration, the oil cooling performance and anti-oxidation performance will be degraded. The problems such as excessive oil temperature will occur, and the vicious cycle will further shorten the life of the oil and transmission components.

How Often Do You Change The Transmission Oil?

First of all, it must be clear that the change of transmission oil should also be determined by the model, and the requirements of different models are different. Under normal circumstances, change every 2 years or every 4-6 million kilometers.

According to the running condition of the vehicle gearbox, it is judged whether or not to change the transmission oil. If the vehicle gear is smooth, the gearbox noise does not change much, and it is not necessary to change. If the vehicle appears to be simmering when shifting gears, especially if the transmission noise is significantly increased after the speed exceeds 100 km, it is necessary to consider whether to change the transmission oil.

Of course, there are some vehicles that have been repaired with gearboxes. These vehicles are strongly required to be in the first 3,000-kilometer first, and then change the transmission oil every year or 20,000 km. At present, there are still a large number of people who prefer manual vehicles. The manual transmission gearbox is mature and can rely on high performance and low failure rate. Therefore, the manual transmission of the vehicle gearbox is 3 years or travels to 60,000-80,000.

Replace it when it is more than one kilometer, and the replacement cycle is slightly longer than that of the automatic transmission. In a good gearbox, it is also necessary to match high-quality gearbox oil. PDK automatic gearbox oil is scientifically modulated and produced. The whole line of products has passed the multi-country certification, and the products meet more than 98% of AT, CVT, DSG, etc. on the market. The gearbox model is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of gearboxes.

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