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what are the taboos for using car protection tools for car maintenance?

The use of auto maintenance tools for maintenance can keep the car stable. Car maintenance is divided into daily small maintenance and regular large maintenance. There is a certain interval between the two. The maintenance of the auto maintenance tools is mainly for the air filter and the fuel filter. The two contents are focused on maintenance, which is also a key factor in car operation and vehicle stability. So, what are the taboos for using car protection tools for car maintenance?
The first engine cannot be serviced in a closed environment
When using auto maintenance tools for car maintenance, the engine is one of the most common maintenance items. Engine maintenance needs to be turned off, and the sound of the engine operation and the vibration frequency must be fixed. However, the engine must not be started in a closed environment. Because it will emit a large amount of carbon monoxide, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Second, do not use atmospheric pressure method to instantaneously absorb the oil pipe.
Many car owners use atmospheric pressure tools for car, and use atmospheric pressure to absorb oil to determine the amount of oil. This is an extremely unscientific method. Moreover, gasoline contains a lot of lead, which is harmful to human health and vulcanized. Things can also damage the nervous system, and use a professional oil suction valve to work and rest.
Third, carburetor cleaner cannot be cleaned by common methods
There is a large amount of methacrylic chloride in the carburetor cleaner in car maintenance. The carburetor cleaner cannot be cleaned by the usual methods. Professional chloride cleaners will be neutralized and then wiped with high-rise rubber gloves.
Fourth, battery and fuel tank maintenance, away from the point welding equipment
When using auto maintenance tools for car maintenance, if you need to maintain the battery and fuel tank, you should pay attention to keep away from fire points, such as electric welding equipment. Because the temperature near the electric welding equipment is high, the battery will explode or the fuel tank will burn. At the same time, in the high -temperature environment, the hydrogen in the two devices is also prone to overflow and burn, posing a danger to maintenance personnel.
Fifth Do not touch the tank cover while the engine is being serviced.
When the auto maintenance tool is in the maintenance of the engine, do not touch the water tank cover, because the temperature of the water tank cover is high, and the boiling condition may occur, which may easily cause burns.
When using car auto tools for car maintenance, you need to keep in mind the above operations, so as to ensure the safety of the operator and not cause damage to the car. In addition, wear professional protective gloves when using brake fluid. Because of the high alkalinity of such substances, it can cause skin corrosion quickly, and many car care agents contain carcinogens, and it is necessary to wear protective equipment before performing maintenance and maintenance work on the car.

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