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How to do the installation spanner abnormal?3

(1)Socket spanner guide the thread serious wear caused pre-compression is not in place: Guiding thread with screw threaded sleeve special spanner bottom plug gauge detection ,If it is not necessary to use a new socket spanner.
(2)If thread insert can’t turn the guide screw out of installation spanner in the Sleeve: tapping the guide screw again with righttap ,if it doesn’t work ,replace from the manufacture.
(3)Some Fine thread specification installation with T-slot type spanner easily jump button: operate skillful or use Thread head type spanner.
(4)If the install handle of Thread insert is twisted by Thread head spanner: operate skillful or use T-slot type spanner.
(5)If 3,4 unresolved: customize Thread head type and T-slot type combination spanner.
(6)Other special circumstances: Contact and negotiate with manufacture to make proper spanner.

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