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How to bleed and flush your brake using brake bleeder kit?

Brake bleeder kit enables you to periodically carry out brake maintenance services on your own. The kit features a gauge for servicing and gauging various pressure systems on your car. It easily allows you to test vehicle vacuum systems, bleed brakes

Braking systems are disputably the most important component in a car. Other vehicle breakdowns might be easier to handle, but brake failure can cause a devastating tragedy. Such occurrences can be avoided, only if you periodically bleed your brakes.

A soft or spongy pedal is a sign that your vehicle’s brake needs to bleed, while a reduction in stop time or lockups signifies a defective proportioning valve.

Brake bleeding can be a daunting task as you have to jack the vehicle off the ground. The process can be messy and that why most people leave it to the profession who have the expertise to handle the work. But if you feel you are up to the task, then, this guide everything you need to get started.

How a Vacuum brake Bleeder kit works

Firstly, you will need a brake bleeder kit. This garget speeds up the bleeding process vastly and could even mean that you wouldn’t need any assistance. On a normal occasion, you would need someone to sit on the vehicle as you pump the brake pedal; as you drain the fluid. This is where a brake bleeding kit comes in and simplifies the work.

  • You will need to lift your vehicle by the help of car jack. Be cautious not to attempt working on the car before making sure that the car is secured. A slight push will enable you to confirm this.
  • Once the car is stable and secure, remove the wheel with the help of a Lug Wrench.
  • Open the car master cylinder reservoir and check the brake fluid level. Top up the level if the level is low before you bleed the braking system.
  • Fasten the hose from the vacuum bleeder to the brake-bleeding nipple at the brake drum or caliper farthest from the master cylinder first.
  • With an end wrench, open the bleeder screw. The wrench should be properly fitted as the screw may be tight.
  • Pump the vacuums pump slowly, watching the fluid coming through the tube. When all the air bubbles are gone and you see clean fluid coming out, close the screw securely.
  • Move to the next brake drum or caliper and repeat the procedure. Continue around the vehicle until all four brakes have been bled. Do not let the brake fluid level in the reservoir fall below 1/4 at any time during the bleeding process as air may be drawn back into the system.
  • Replace the wheels and tighten with the lug wrench. All four wheels should be torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum safety.
  • Check the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir and top it off as needed. Replace the reservoir cover and remove the jack stands.
  • Verify that the brake pedal feels firm when depressed and all brakes are functioning properly before driving the vehicle.

Features of Vacuum Bleeder kit MY – BOS20

This BOS20 vacuum brake bleeder kit helps in diagnosing the various fault on your cars such as fuel, ignition, transmission, and heating.  It is also cost-effective as it serves two functions; brake bleeding and automotive diagnosis.

You don’t have to worry about the workload ahead of you since the kit functions on all vehicle models and make. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the cost incurred when hiring a professional as you will be in a position to comfortably bleed the brake by yourself.

Equipped with a handheld pressure gauge system, the kit allows fault diagnosis and testing various vacuum operating systems including the fuel pump and carbs. It also features a pump that fits in on several types of joint. It also comes with three tubes of different length.

What more! If you are worried about the space the kit will occupy while in your car bout, worry less! The brake bleeder kit is easier to carry as it comes with a carry bag. The casing is also blow molded hence easier to organize all the equipment and you will be comfortable while transporting them.

Precautionary measure when using Brake bleeder kit

You are more likely to encounter some form of a dangerous situation that threatens your safety. If you are not vigilant, the hazardous chemical found in a garage can cause severe bodily injury. I am sure you can comprehend how the situation can turn out to be, and by all means, you will avoid such cases, Right?

Sadly, a large percentage of professionals are not committed to promoting safety within their workplaces. They lack the necessary skills to identify and analyze potential safety threats. Although there is no non-hazardous chemical, what exit is only non-hazardous methods of dealing with them? Therefore, following the collection procedures while working with Vacuum brake bleeder kit will reduce the chances of any safety shortcoming occurring.

Before beginning to work, make sure that the working environment is well lit and safe. The area should be free from grease/lubricant, inflammable chemical and other debris.

Do not remove label and nameplate as they contain vital information about the kit.

The handles should be dry and free from grease, brake fluid, and oil.

Before using the brake bleeder kit, read all the safety precautions, and instruction. Every vehicle model has its own instruction that needs to be followed.

Component of Vacuum Bleeder kit

The Vacuum Bleeder kit MY – BOS20 is innovatively designed to suit the need of most the car mode. The following are the component of the Vacuum brake bleeder kit.

  1. DIY brake bleeder tool to minimize mess
  2. Hand pumps with a built-in vacuum pump,
    • 1/4″ ID x 23″ vacuum hose,
    • 1/4″ ID x 3″ vacuum hose,
    • Tapered hose adaptors,
  3. T Hose connector,
  4. Straight hose connector,
  5. Brake bleeder valve adaptors,
  6. Universal cup adaptor,
  7. 4 oz reservoir jar,
  8. Jar lids,

     Package includes:

  1. 1 x Vacuum Pump
  2. 1 x Reservoir jar
  3. 1 x Transfer Lid
  4. 1 x Storage Lid,
  5. 1 x 4 lengths of 1/4″ ID tubing
  6. 1 x 1 length of 5/32″ ID tubing
  7. 1 x Automotive Adapter Package
  8. 1 x Brake Bleeding Adapter Package
  9. 1 x Rubber Cap Adapter
  10. 1 x Presented with a blow molded case.

Why should you consider buying a Vacuum Bleeder kit MY – BOS20?

People buy something because they either need it or want it.  Although there is more than ‘what meets the eye’, every buying process is trigger by underlying motivation. You see, either you will be flushing and bleeding your braking system by yourself or by a professional. Therefore, the combination of features and benefits make this bleeder tool stand out. Here is why you should consider it.

Durability– The high-quality alloy-steel combined with plastic and rubber material remain serviceable in the surrounding setting during the valuable lifespan without unexpected maintenance. Since understanding the capacity of the material to endure the conditions for which it is structured, without weakening for a significant lot of years is the main viable approach to build trust and take these materials outside the lab. Sunbrightools.com has put this into consideration and ensures you get the value for your hard earned money.

Got question? you can sample order here. The information you submit will be our reference point aa we try and identify your business type before shipping the products.

Convenient– This vacuum kit can be utilized in various arrays of systems such as in air-conditioning systems, bleed brake system and fuel system. It will save you from the hassle of acquiring the tools to perform the tasks.

Portability– The kit is easy to carry as it comes with carrying bag.

Versatile– The kit design to work on all vehicles make and model; enabling you to bleed the brake system without assistance.

Suitability– The vacuum brake bleeder tool can be used for both home and also used commercially.

Equipped with a handheld manual pump, the kit can be used in various vacuum systems such as testing of fuel pump and carbs.

Durability – The kit made of superb material, compact, and light. Thus, it can be used for long without necessarily requiring to be serviced.

Organized– The Blow molded case enable you to organize all the kit’s components and easy transportation. The casing is also versatile and protective.

Final thoughts

In most cases when brake bleeding, you will need someone to assist you. However, with a hand-held vacuum pump enable you to perform the task without asking for assistance. Depending With the car model, the kit also enables you to remove air from the system within a few minutes. Use it at whatever point you have to disengage at least one of your vehicle brakes for repair or servicing, or when you have to flush old brake liquid each a few years.




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