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Car start auto repair knowledge

1. Check the moisture-sensitive parts of the car: such as distributors, spark plugs, high-voltage lines, etc. If these parts are damp, they can be dried and then started. If the engine parts hidden in the cover are damp, you can only find a professional auto repair company like a car to repair and repair.
2. Check the vulnerable parts of the car: such as spark plugs, if the spark plug is damaged, only replace the new spark plug.
3. Check the power storage equipment activated by the car: The current car adopts the starting mode of starting the motor. The core of this method is the battery. The lighting on the car, the wiper, the sound, etc. all consume the battery’s electricity, causing the battery voltage to be insufficient. If it is a voltage problem, you can try to use the car to drag, then hang the car in the second gear, use the foot to drive to a certain speed, release the clutch, and then try to start the engine, if it still can not start, it proves that the battery is faulty.
Engine stalls when the car shifts
1. Ensure that the shifting operation specification is correct. After all, the driver’s spirit will be in a tense state during the maintenance of the car, so first make sure that there is nothing wrong with the shifting operation.
2. Check the idle speed of the car. If the idle speed is unstable, the high and low speed will also affect the shift. Therefore, to adjust the idle speed to the normal speed, remember to tighten the idle stop valve and plug the plug.
3. Check the oil separator. If the idle speed is in the normal stable range or there is a shift and flameout condition, it is recommended to go to the professional repair station to clean the oil separator.

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