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A/C Flush Gun Canister Clean Tool Kit Testing

Manual inspection Gently tap the three-way catalytic converter with a rubber faint, listen to the presence or absence of the inside, and the “squeaky” sound of the scattered objects. If there is such an abnormal sound, it means that the catalytic material inside the three-way catalytic converter is peeled off or the honeycomb ceramic body is broken, and the entire converter must be replaced. If there is no such abnormal noise, you should check if the three-way catalytic converter is clogged. The three-way catalytic converter core blockage is a relatively common fault, which will seriously affect the engine power after the blockage occurs. For this, the intake manifold vacuum degree method can be used for inspection. First remove the vacuum tube on the exhaust gas recirculation valve and plug the nozzle to avoid false vacuum leakage. The vacuum gauge is then connected to the intake manifold to allow the engine to slowly accelerate to 2,500 rpm. If the vacuum gauge reading returns to the original horizontal part 7.5-74.5 kPa immediately and can be maintained for 15 seconds, the three-way catalytic converter is not blocked. Otherwise it should be suspected that the three-way catalytic converter or exhaust pipe is blocked.

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