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Ball Joint Separator MY-BJ64

The Ball joint separator is easy to use and maintain.

It is a professional three-piece ball joint separator.

At the same time, it is easy to carry and easy to use anywhere.

It is suitable for a variety of car garage work.

It has a long-lasting, durable structure and long service life.

The Car tool ball joint separator used to remove the car chassis ball joint.

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Ball Joint Separator MY-BJ64

A three pcs ball joint remover set for use in confined spaces.

Suitable for a number of makes of vehicle.

Sizes included: 23mmX55mm, 28mmX55mm, 34mmX63mm.

Supplied in a blow mold case for storage.

A three pcs ball joint separator remover set for use in confined spaces.

Including Audi, BMW, Ford, Chrysler, Opel, Saab, Volvo, VW, Nissan, Toyota.

Best Ball Joint Separator

We get asked about ball joints all the time. In fact, ball joints might be the one part of the car we get asked about the most when talking about suspension and steering as they seem to be a mystery to most people. It seems that ball joints present a surprisingly high number of challenges when trying to replace suspension components for these people.

As with all style ball joint separators, the use of impact tools is not recommended. In fact, we never find the need to use an impact driver with these tools. Simply use the separator to put a decent amount of pressure on the ball joint and tap the control arm with a hammer a few times, and normally, the joint will pop free.

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