Filter Spanner Chain Grip Wrench Spanner Tool MY-WR229

Filter Spanner MY-WR229 Car Engine Chain Grip Wrench Spanner Tool Plier Remover Set 

  • 【High-Quality Material】- Made from high-quality carbon steel.
  • 【Comfortable】 – Blue glue handle makes spanner comfortable when using.
  • 【Economic】- Profitable wholesale price.
  • 【Non-Slip】- Covinent to use due to its non-slip handle.
  • 【Metal Band】- Filter Spanner metal band can grip and remove any cylindrical object.
  • 【Suitable】- Suitable for all old oil filter spanner wrenches
  • 【Reliable】- Perfectly tighten around any product and hold without any damage. Hence reliable and easy to use.
  • 【Usability】 – It can be used on any filter, water pipes, canned bottles caps, etc.
  • 【Heavy-Duty Chain】- It can give a positive grip on objects as it comes with a heavy duty chain.
  • 【Ideal Tool】- An ideal tool, perfect, comfortable and safely operating.
  • 【Easily Use in Kitchen & Garage】- It can expand up to 50cm. So, it is perfect for any job in the Kitchen and garage.
  • 【Worth Buying】- The tool is perfect for all ages, as well as, simple to use and worth buying

Oil Filter Spanner Adjustable Chain Grip Wrench MY-WR228

Oil Filter Spanner MY-WR228 Adjustable Chain Grip Wrench Car Engine Oil Filter Plier Tool 

  • 【Brand New & High Quality】- 100% new and high-quality material.
  • 【High-Performance】- High strength carbon steel material
  • 【Modern Design】- Chain style oil filter spanner wrench
  • 【Universal Use】- Adjustable size for universal use thus remove any cylindrical object.
  • 【Comfortable to hold】- Oil Filter Spanner is easy to use and comfortable to hold because it has a modern design.
  • 【Heavy-Duty Chain】 – It comes with a heavy duty chain that gives positive grip during the filter removal process.
  • 【Usage】- Use on pipeline construction and automobile engine oil filter removal widely.

Metal Filter Wrench Adjustable Filter Removal Tool MY-WR227

Metal Filter Wrench MY-WR227 Adjustable Car Auto Oil Filter Removal Tool 

  • 【High Quality】- Made from high carbon steel.
  • 【Performance】- Chrome plated surface treatment.
  • 【Dimension】- Different standard size: 95—115mm,75—95mm,55-75mm.
  • 【Unique Design】- Unique design cuff type metal filter wrench.
  • 【Adjustable】- Adjustable size.
  • 【Easy to Use】- Easy to use because it has a simple design.
  • 【Durable】- It is durable and comfortable hence a high-performance oil filtering and repairing wrench tool.
  • 【Functionality】- The stronghold carbon steel wrench can remove any type of cylindrical object.
  • 【Conivinent】- Simple design thus more convenient and durable wrench for the oil filter process.
  • Can remove up to 120 mm Diameter cylindrical object.
  • 【Why buy】- Easy, convenient, portable, economic and so, it can fit in any mechanic toolkit chest.

Chain Filter Wrench Oil Filter Chain Wrench Tool MY-WR226

Chain Filter Wrench MY-WR226 Oil Filter Chain Wrench Tool Portable Car Auto Oil Filter Plier Tool 

  • 【High-Performance】- High strength steel filter wrench spanner.
  • 【Easy to use】- It is easy to use, convenient and comfortable to handle.
  • 【Heavy Duty 】- Comes with a heavy-duty chain hence can open any cylindrical object.
  • 【Usability】- Can use for removing and dismounting car and machinery oil filters
  • 【Adjustable & Convenient】- Easily adjust around any type of round pipe and cylindrical object thus adjustable.
  • 【 Maximum Power】- Use maximum power to remove the most stuck filters.
  • 【Universal】- It can grip any irregular shaped items, pipe, and tube due to its high performance.
  • Can be in both directions without removal.
  • 【Suitable】- For all type of filters, hub caps, radiator cap use.

Oil Filter Wrench Pliers Auto Car Repairing Tool MY-WR225

Oil Filter Wrench Pliers MY-WR225 Auto Car Oil Filter Remover Professional Repairing Tool

  • 【Adjustable】- Adjustable size steel material, red black handle, oil filter wrench pliers.
  • 【High-quality】- High-quality heat-treated-chrome-nickel steel.
  • 【Durability】- Has maximum strength jaws hence durable.
  • 【Professional Design】- Professional design allows using of products in close quarters.
  • 【Easy to Remove Filters】- Forged jaws with a strengthened grip make it easy to remove filters.
  • 【Suitable】- Can install, remove and tighten almost any kind of shape thus use universally.
  • 【Economic】- Economic principal, easy to use hence convenient and comfortable.
  • 【Usability】- Can use on small cars and truck filters including most vehicles.
  • 【Strong & Reliable】- Design is adjustable to fit any kind and any size.
  • 【Secure Grip】- Secure grip due to slip joint ratchet and lock mechanism of plier

Oil Filter Band Wrench Set Car Auto Strap Wrench MY-WR224

Oil Filter Band Wrench Set MY-WR224 Car Auto Strap Wrench Belt Cap Tool Set

  • 【High-quality】- High-quality stainless steel metal band oil filter wrench spanner set.
  • 【Simple Design】- Simple design hence it is easy to use.
  • 【Comfortable Handle】- Comfortable and easy to grip handle.
  • 【Power and Support】- Comfortable grip handle provides power and support.
  • 【Adjustable】- Adjustable oil filter wrench and adjustable band hence it is convenient.
  • 【Muti-Use】- Comes with multiuse handle strap.
  • 【Durable】- High-performance stainless steel metal band. So, it is durable.
  • 【Easy-Fit】- Easily fit into tight spaces thus a great tool for getting into close spaces.
  • 【Economic】- Available in a fair and economical price.
  • 【Best Tool】- Best tool for kitchen and garage as it can easily open and close bottles and jars, plumbing fixtures, oil, filters, garden hose connectors.
  • 【Why Buy】- Makes your daily mechanical task easily. So, a must-buy tool!

Metal Oil Filter Wrench Car Oil Filter Removal Set MY-WR223

Metal Oil Filter Wrench MY-WR223 Car Oil Filter Removal Set Adjustable Wrench set

  • 【Heavy-Duty Metal】- Heavy duty stainless steel metal band with tough handle oil filter wrench.
  • 【High-Quality & Brand New】- 100% Brand new and high-quality material.
  • 【Stylish & Beautiful】- Innovative design, stylish and beautiful.
  • 【Practicle to use】- It is practical and easy to use.
  • 【Durable】- It comes with a stainless steel metal band hence durable and long term use.
  • 【Powerful grasp】- Drop forged handle hence ensures a powerful grasp.
  • 【Eco-friendly】- The tool does not harm to bodies thus it is environmental and eco-friendly.
  • 【Convenient to use】- This metal band wrench is easy to use because of its simple design and can remove any cylindrical object.
  • 【OEM– Oem available

Strap Type Oil Filter Wrench Super Wrench Tool MY-WR222

Strap Type Oil Filter Wrench MY-WR222 Super Wrench Tool High-quality Car Service Equipment

  • 【Long Metal Handle】- Automotive nylon strap type oil filter wrench with long metal handle.
  • 【Self adjusting】- Easy manual adjustments.
  • 【Heavy-Duty Straps】- Heavy duty straps with 2 thick wide handles that are assembled to handle 3/8 and 1/2 drive ends.
  • 【Universal】- Universally use for oil removal and cartridge type oil removal process.
  • 【Easy-Fit】- Eaisly fit in awkward areas.
  • 【Comfortable & Safe Operation】- An ideal repair tool for car users as its perfect design handle is comfortable and provide safety.
  • 【Adjustable Belt】- Comes with adjustable belt thus convenient and simple to use.
  • 【Anti-Slip】 – Non-slip material and positive grip. So, cannot hurt the oil filter.
  • 【Handle All  Types of Shapes】- It can easily handle all type of shapes whether its square, round, cylinder, hexagon or octagon,